Extended upon the gifts I had previously made I wanted to incorporate aspects of them into a looping video. Creating a video allowed me to play around with changing the pace of the images and also incorporating sound. I presented my video on two identical screens, next to each other; the idea being that both screens would reflect what the other was playing i.e. both plying the same video but reversed. My video aimed to explore the dispersion of a core identity, by juxtaposing two different experiences at a rave; one being slightly nauseating, glitchy and uncertain and the other being more calming, continuous and relaxing to look at. By making it so that the videos would constantly switch between screens, I was able to interrupt people’s viewing experience/ break their expectation.


image taken from actual exhibition



Following feedback on my mask piece, I decided that this piece wasn’t as strong as the digital work I had produced at the end of last year, so I felt that I should revisit that as a starting place for this years work.

I produced a couple of GIFS to start with, the inspiration for these coming from the idea of rave culture, stemming from my use of ultraviolet paint and lights within my work. I wanted to emanate the experience of being at a rave.


Building upon this first GIF, i created a second one that would be more visually exciting. I worked with Photoshop to create a strobe lighting effect, resulting in a trippier piece.


Week 1 Exhibition

For the first exhibition of fourth year I chose to make a more aesthetically simplistic piece, utilising masks, paint and canvases to create an illusion of hidden faces. I presented these two pieces in a way that they worked both on their own and in conjunction with one another, playing off my previous ideas on hidden elements of identity and illusion.

Week 1 Exhibition

Working towards a final piece…

Having already taken several photos, I felt that making a video should be the next step in order to develop my work and my ideas. I incorporated a combination of my previously taken photographs, some new ones, and short clips that I had filmed in order to create a film that I intend to display on a TV screen for the exhibition

Having created this first video, I felt that it needed some sort of sound track or sound effects in order to enhance it and give it more of an impact. I added a heartbeat soundtrack to the film and edited the clips in time to the beat. Using a heartbeat was something I felt was directly relevant to my focus on identity.